I sew clothing using vintage patterns, create period-fantasy costumes, build sewing room furniture, and restore vintage sewing machines. Welcome to my sewing room.


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Handcranks, and treadles, and belt driven motors

Potted 201s with original controllers

Tension assemblies that won't need new springs

These are a few of my fa-vo-rite things.

Want to know more about these machines?

My goal is to own one Singer sewing machine manufactured in every decade from 1850 - 1980. Read more about the machines I want to collect, a restoration supply list, price paid for each machine, how to find and download free manuals, how to ID sewing machines, and more.


My name is Artemisia Moltabocca. I'm an over 50 year old costumer living in North Carolina with my Hubby, and two small dogs. I'm of Puerto Rican descent, a semi-retired financial controller, and grandmother of four young children.

My costuming adventures began when Hubby and I became emptynesters in 2004. I sew clothing using vintage patterns, create period-fantasy costumes, build sewing room furniture, and restore vintage sewing machines.

  • 2004: Attended first renaissance fair.
  • 2005 - 2009: Attended Pennsic, created Italian Renaissance historical costumes, and attended renaissance fairs.
  • 2010: Moved to NC from NY. Semi-retired. Explored clockpunk and steampunk.
  • 2011 - 2016: Period-fantasy costuming, group costume competition entries (and wins!) around the country.
  • 2017: Joined Instagram, restored vintage sewing machines, first solo competition win (Dalek Queen), started 1940s costuming.
  • 2018: Explored vintage clothing and style. Collected vintage sewing patterns, notions, books, & Singer sewing machines.
  • 2019: Sewing a wardrobe using vintage patterns on vintage sewing machines. Thrift shopping all the sewing things.


4' 11" tall, 40-32-40 in a 34D longline bra, medium waist cincher, 14 1/2" bicep. 5 3/4" wrist. Size 4.5 wide or 5 shoes. #hobbit


  • I start with the pattern size that fits my underbust (size 12 or 14).
  • Narrow shoulder width + short upper bust = size 6 shoulder strap length.
  • Up to one inch off lengthwise between shoulder and hips.
  • Four inches off hemline.
  • Full bust adjustment for vintage patterns. Not needed 50% of the time.
  • One inch added to back bodice width.
  • Width added to bicep on vintage patterns.
  • Width added to waist.