Uniquely You dressform video review, how to repair the stand, and how to customize the cover.

Uniquely You dressform review

Uniquely You dressform video review, how to repair the stand, and how to customize the cover.
  1. I decided on a Uniquely You dressform because I was tired making duct tape dummies. I wanted a form that would adjust to my 4' 11' tall, B38-W30-H38, short-waisted, narrow shouldered body. And my 1950s 'New Look' cinched-waist body. And my corseted Edwardian shaped body. And my corseted Victorian shaped body. And my corseted Elizabethan shaped body. The UY form, and the included sheath dress cover (after alterations), shapes the form uniquely to your measurements. I purchased mine at full price in 2011, and still own it today (2016).
  2. I ordered a small with a size 4 cover based on my measurements and the manufacturer sizing chart. In hindsight, I wished I ordered the petite size because I had to cut away lots of foam on the dressform with an electric knife to get it to compress down to my corseted size. This was after a couple of hours wrestling with it on the sewing room floor. Don’t worry about buying a form that is smaller than your size. It’s always easy to pad up a dressform with batting or use special foam inserts. This makes it much easier to adjust for different shapes (Victorian, Edwardian, modern day, etc.).
  3. Except for very muscular or solid people, the squish factor refers to the part of our bodies - especially in areas with lots of fat - that can compress down to next-to-nothing with use of corsets, fitted (boned) clothing, Spanx, other compression clothing or underwear...So if you are planning on making fitted garments that require structure or wearing fitted underwear, I recommend you go down a size. This way you can pad the dressform up with batting to reflect your own unique curves, yet still be able to compress the form to reflect your body in a structured garment.
  4. It's been several years later, and I still love my Uniquely You dressform. The stand? Not so much. The plastic bit and screw gave way a while ago. I drilled a hole through the metal pipe and used a long screw to hold the form in place. That only lasted as long as the screw held out, and the screeching drove me nuts...I figured out a quick and easy method to fix the UY dressform stand. Use 3/4” PVC pipe! Simply cut the PVC pipe down to the height you need...The pipe sticking out of the form will sit on the edge of the 3/4” PVC pipe.