Make doll clothes or test any pattern in miniature using a copier or Microsoft Powerpoint.

How to make Edwardian doll clothes

Make doll clothes or test any pattern in miniature using a copier or Microsoft Powerpoint.
  1. Step 1Scan pages at highest resolution and size available. Print out on regular sized paper, then cut out the pieces.
  2. Step 2Paper mockup. Tape pattern pieces together. A good way to figure out how much trouble you're gonna get into before you start.
  3. Step 3Use PowerPoint to enlarge the pattern to 200%. Print out each pattern piece on regular paper. Or you can use the enlarge feature on a copier.
  4. Step 4Got all pieces printed using 8 pieces of paper.
  5. Step 5Cut out lining pieces. Great way to use scrap fabric.
  6. Step 6Make sleeve linings out of lace. Use a Clover craft iron to press hand-sewn seams.
  7. Step 7Smaller sleeve lining not long enough - doesn't reach armscye. Watch when enlarging pattern full-scale.
  8. Step 8Completed bodice and sleeve lining. Sleeve armsyce is a perfect fit. Note slash/spread of smaller sleeve lining (where pin is). The lace sleeves should be sewn in with seams to the outside if you want to use the inner bodice as a facing for the neckline.
  9. Step 9Make copy of upper front and back. Cut yoke with 1.5 seam allowance on sides and bottom.
  10. Step 10Lace yoke section.
  11. Cut 4 of the bretelle piece from the fashion fabric. Two are facings. Mine are cut from different fabric for demonstration. The outside edge is one pleat, the facing seam is a second 'pleat', the tuck on pattern is third pleat. This video will show you how to do it.
  12. Step 13Bretelle sewn on and gathered at bottom. May want to spray baste the lace on before sewing.
  13. Step 14Oversleeve. Need to figure out lining or hem finish. Silk organza flat-lining maybe?
  14. Step 15Sleeves perfect fit. Be careful with placement. Make note of front and back when figured out on full size gown.
  15. Step 16Finished upper and inner bodice. Need to figure out finishing for back and neck. Under bodice could have a half petticoat attached?
  16. Step 17Under and over bodice pinned and sewn together at neckline right sides together.
  17. Step 18Bodice lined. Looks like a little monster, huh? That didn't disappoint because something went wrong.
  18. Step 19Lace sleeves are on backwards! See seam on outside? Ugh. Note: be sure inner bodice sleeves are sewn in with seams toward the outside. Use a small french seam.
  19. Step 20Skirt panels. Smallest panel on fold (center front).
  20. Step 21Skirt panels joined.
  21. Step 22Skirt sewn in place. The skirt is placed over the bodice and bratelle and trim hides the raw edges. Match up the seamlines.
  22. Step 23The skirt opened. The gap disappears when the dress is closed. I used velcro as a fastener. Don't worry, I am using proper hook and eyes for the real thing.
  23. Step 24Adding cotton skirt lining. This is SO NOT the way to do this.
  24. Step 25Finished 1/4 scale. Not my greatest finished work, but it does give you a good idea on how to make doll clothes, or how to test these patterns in miniature.