Step by step tutorial on how to make a circle skirt with two seams, an elastic waist, and pockets.

Make a circle skirt without a pattern

Step by step tutorial on how to make a circle skirt with two seams, an elastic waist, and pockets.
  1. Step 1Five yards of 45" wide fabric and one spool matching thread. I'm using white thread so you can see the stitching in the pictures.
  2. Step 2One package of 1" wide knit or woven non-roll elastic. An inexpensive 60" long measuring tape to use as a compass.
  3. Step 3Wash and dry your fabric. Cut or rip the 5 yards of fabric in half so you have two 2 1/2 yard long pieces.
  4. Step 4Fold each piece in half, and stack them. Smooth and pin the fabric so the pieces won't shift.
  5. Step 5Wrap and hold a tape measure around your hips. Slide up and down your hips to find the widest point. (I'm 39")
  6. Step 6Tie elastic or ribbon around your waist. Wiggle around so it naturally lies around your waist. Place tape measure at waist.
  7. Step 7Your other hand will hold the tape measure firmly against your leg. Bend at the waist. Do not move your hand, or the tape. Do not bend your knees.
  8. Step 8Use your other hand to continue measuring to where you want the skirt to end. (22"). Add 3" for seam allowance, and add the waist measure..(22" + 3" + 5 1/2" = 30 1/2").
  9. Step 9Find hip measure in the chart. Go across to find the waist measure. (5 1/2")
  10. Step 10Pin the extra tape measure to the top corner edge of the fabric.
  11. Step 11Poke a hole through the tape measure at your waist measure. (5 1/2")
  12. Step 12Use as a compass to draw in the waist.
  13. Step 13Poke another hole at your skirt length measure. (30 1/2").
  14. Step 14Use as a compass to draw in the hemline.
  15. Step 15Cut along lines. Now you have two half panels of the circle skirt.
  16. Step 16Cut two pocket pieces out of your fabric to make one pocket.
  17. Step 17Open up panels with wrong sides together.
  18. Step 18Mark and notch the side of circle skirt 8" from the waist.
  19. Step 19Pin right side of one pocket piece below the notch of right side of one circle skirt panel. Do the same for the other pocket and panel.
  20. Step 20Sew along the seam allowance across the pocket of each panel separately. Use width of presser foot as seam allowance.
  21. Step 21Press pocket out on both panels. Make sure the selvage is inside the seam allowance. Adjust seam allowance as necessary.
  22. Step 22Stack both skirt panels right sides together, lining up at notch. Pin.
  23. Step 23Stitch along the entire length of the seam from the waist, around the pockets, and down to the hem.
  24. Step 24Open up circle skirt. Press. Optional: snip the seam allowance below the pocket to open it up.
  25. Step 25Turn inside out. Press pocket opening. Admire your new pocket.
  26. Step 26Sew the opposite seam from top to bottom. Press open seam.
  27. Step 27Now for the waistband and hem.
  28. Step 28Wrap elastic around your waist. Shorten it by 2-4" so it is snug, but not tight, around your waist.
  29. Step 29Slip it down over your hips to make sure you can still get the skirt on.
  30. Step 30Place your finger where the elastic overlap starts.
  31. Step 31Cut off overlap.
  32. Step 32Cut a 3 x 3 square of scrap twill, denim, or canvas fabric. Any strong non-stretchy fabric will do. Zigzag the ends of the elastic to the fabric. Notice the ends of elastic are touching, not overlapping. Cut off excess fabric.
  33. Step 33Quarter mark the elastic. Use the fabric bit as center back.
  34. Step 34Quarter mark the circle skirt by folding at seams. The marks are center front, and center back.
  35. Step 35On right side, line up the edge of elastic with edge of skirt, and pin at quarter marks.
  36. Step 36Starting at center back, serge or zigzag the elastic to the skirt. Stretch the elastic to fit as you sew. Brother SE400: Zigzag is stitch #7.
  37. Step 37Fold the elastic over towards the wrong side. Pin at quarter marks.
  38. Step 38On right side, stitch at the two seams (stitch in the ditch) to secure the elastic to the skirt.
  39. Step 39Machine or hand sew at the other two quarter marks to secure the elastic. I know, it doesn’t seem like enough, but it does work!
  40. Step 40Mark the skirt ½" up from the edge all around the skirt.
  41. Step 41Press up the hem at the line. Don’t worry about pressing down the entire seam allowance. Just press at the line.
  42. Step 42Sew ¼" away from the fold.
  43. Step 43Press hem. Trim close to stitching.
  44. Step 44Press up again.
  45. Step 45Sew hem down on right side ¼" away from edge.
  46. Step 46Now you have a new circle skirt! Show your friends! Show your friends this tutorial if they ask you to make them one!