How to fold perfect stacks of fabric to fit Closetmaid organizers using a DIY folding board.

Fold fabric to fit Closetmaid organizers

How to fold perfect stacks of fabric to fit Closetmaid organizers using a DIY folding board.
  1. Step 1Buy an inexpensive trifold cardboard display board. You can also use an old cardboard box.
  2. Step 2Cut on one of the folds.
  3. Step 3Mark the length at 30 inches.
  4. Step 4Mark the width at 10 inches.
  5. Step 5Draw on the marks to make a 10" x 30" rectangle.
  6. Step 6Cut on the lines.
  7. Step 7Use the length of a ruler to help cut a straight line with a rotary cutter.
  8. Step 8Mark the middle of the width at five inches.
  9. Step 9Draw a line down the length of the board.
  10. Step 10Using a small scissors, or Xacto-knife - score the board down along the line. Do not cut through. Only cut through the top layer of cardboard.
  11. Step 11Bend the board a little at the score.
  12. Step 12Draw a line across the width at 10 inches from one end.
  13. Step 13Write '10"' on the board.
  14. Step 14Draw a line across the width at 11" from the other end.
  15. Step 15Write '11"' with an arrow pointing up.
  16. Step 16Tape the long-side edges with painters or masking tape. This will help the fabric slip off the cardboard.
  17. Step 17You only need to tape the long sides. Clip off the ends.
  18. Step 18Your finished folding board! Now to put it to use.
  19. Step 19Bring selvage edges of fabric together.
  20. Step 20Place the board on the fabric.
  21. Step 21Fold the top edge over half the board.
  22. Step 22Stand in front of the fabric, and use both hands to flip the board towards you to wrap the entire length of fabric around the board.
  23. Step 23Fold the end of the fabric to center.
  24. Step 24Slightly bend and hold the board at the crease.
  25. Step 25Slip the fabric off the board while slightly bending the board.
  26. Step 2660" fabric can be folded in thirds. Fold end in...
  27. Step 27...then fold the other end on top.
  28. Step 28Check to see if the fabric will fit by placing it on the 10" square of the board.
  29. Step 29Yay, it fits! Well, really all 60" wide fabric will fold into a rough 10" block.
  30. Step 3045 inch fabric will go over a couple of inches, but will still fit in the cubeicle, especially in the cubbies that don't have the backing board on them.
  31. Step 31Or you can fold it in thirds. This an opportunity to keep all 45 wide fabric stacked together in the same cubby.
  32. Step 32Measure a stack of fabric with the 11 inch end of the board. This is how much fabric you can fit in a cubby.
  33. Step 33Slide the stack right into the cubby.
  34. Step 34Perfectly folded fabric!