DIY Homepro LR Corset Grommet Jig

Make a corset grommet jig for a Homepro LR tool in two hours.
  1. Step 1Here is your supply list. Items can be purchased at your local home improvement store, or on See end of post for quick links.
  2. Step 2Three quarter inch wood is easier to find at home improvement stores. The base will line up with bottom of tool as in this tutorial.
  3. Step 3One inch wood lines up with bottom die so the corset lies flat during grommeting.
  4. Remove the bottom set screw and any tool dies before taking measures. This video walks you through the measuring process.
  5. Step 5The completed outline.
  6. Step 6Drill a hole large enough to fit the jigsaw blade.
  7. Step 7Cut out entire outline.
  8. Step 8After cutting the outline out.
  9. Step 9Measure a straight line down the side of the tool through the lower three lines.
  10. Step 10Put in the set screw. If you measured correctly, the set screw should lie smack dab on center of the set circle line.
  11. Step 11Measure a half inch on either side of the screw placement for a total width of one inch.
  12. Step 12Cut out with jigsaw. The resulting space will be enough room to turn the set screw with your fingers.
  13. Step 13Using a 5/32" drill bit, drill two holes at the marked locations. Screw in bolts from the wrong side.
  14. Step 14If needed, use any large drill bit to make a countersink so the screw heads lie flush with the wood. Just give it a few turns to make the countersink - no drill needed.
  15. Step 15Grommet spacers added!
  16. Step 16Put your sample corset in the jig. Line up the edge of the wood ruler along the center back of the corset.
  17. Step 17Mark the ruler placement on the far side all the way across.
  18. Step 18While keeping the corset sample in place, nail in the ruler with one nail on each side.
  19. Step 19Remove the top and bottom dies. Slip in the tool. Put the dies back in.
  20. Step 20Your brand new jig thingy is ready to use. Hurray!
  21. Step 21Try it out! For 1/4" #0 grommets, use 8PT and 8PB to punch the holes. Use 8ET and 8EB to set the grommets.
  22. Step 22For 3/16" #00 grommets, use 6PT and 6PB to punch the holes. Use 6ET and 6EB to set the grommets. You can replace the 6EB with 6DB to set the grommet with no ring indentation.
  23. Step 23Even though this tutorial is specific to the HomePro LR, you can use the same steps to make a base for any grommet press. Simply measure the height of the base to purchase the proper size thickness wood, purchase #8 flat-slotted machine bolts that are ½” larger than the wood thickness, and follow the directions starting at the video.