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Products I use in my own costumes, and in my studio. Happy shopping!

My Amazon Prime Video Picks

These movies are free to watch on Amazon with your Prime Membership.

  • The Collection

    A fictional drama of an atelier in Paris inspired by the life of Christian Dior, and the House of Dior. Expect to see gorgeous fashion, and hints of the New Look throughout the series. Plus, someone needs to cast Richard Coyle as King Edward VIII right now.

  • The Dressmaker

    A disturbing 'Tim Burton' type movie. A dressmaker from Paris returns to her hometown to remember a traumatic event in her life. Turns out the entire town is in the need of therapy, and the dressmaker is their therapist. The dresses are to die for.

  • Diana Vreeland

    This intimate and loving portrait of the legendary arbiter of fashion, art and culture illustrates the many stages of Vreeland's remarkable life. Born in Paris in 1903, she became editor of Harper's Bazaar, and put Vogue magazine on the fashion map.

  • Bill Cunningham

    Bill Cunningham was a contributor to The New York Times for many decades. He was an incurable and eccentric chronicler of fashion, tirelessly snapping photos of and writing about interestingly attired celebrities and ordinary NYers he spotted on the street.

Foundation Essentials

  • the best 50s bra ever
  • the best 50s cincher ever
  • soft and light
  • wear under 582 for more poof


  • the walkaway dress
  • good base for drop waist style
  • best for view B
  • base for Rockford Peaches uniforms
  • complete patterns included


  • line skirts for more poof, and make bustle foundations
  • for mockups, and simple chemises
  • whimsical Michael Miller cotton prints
  • good dress weight fabric


  • make mock buckles
  • a good 'gold' color
  • knit elastic more comfortable than woven


  • good basic hat at a low price
  • in various colors
  • the cutest boot ever. buy one size larger than shoe size.
  • the only dancing shoes I own - and I own several pairs
  • in various color
  • stays on, washes off. in various colors.

In the studio

I use all of these items in my own studio.

  • 4 x 4 embroidery area. automatic threader.
  • $30 cheaper than the 'Distinctive' brand.
  • best value priced serger
  • use these to make a diy cutting table, or diy flatbed sewing machine table
  • laser printers with slide-in paper tray ftw
  • better than Google Drive
  • place next to sewing machine to catch pins and needles
  • make 18th c. scallop edging
  • see through makes a difference
  • sturdy and strong
  • less than $10/pk
  • soft and strong
  • chalk washes out