Rococo Freddie Mercury

Rococo Freddie Mercury is a mashup cosplay of Marie Antoinette and Freddie Mercury.
Rococo Freddie MercuryRococo Freddie Mercury

Rococo Freddie Mercury is a mashup cosplay of Marie Antoinette and Freddie Mercury.

  1. Rococo Freddie Mercury is what happens when you are asked to be the lead singer of a masquerade cover band called 'Queens!' Each member of the band had to pick a queen from history. I picked a mashup of Marie Antoinette, Freddie Mercury, and requested our first cover song be 'Killer Queen'. I found proof of an extant yellow robe francaise for our documentation. The color and style of the stomacher was inspired by Mercury's 1986 Magic Tour yellow jacket costume 'Whatever you do, don't make me boring.' - Freddie Mercury.
  1. The chemise is based of an extant 1780 cotton chemise. The 18th century corset was made using a free pattern by Ralph Pink. The bloomers were made using this video tutorial, and trimmed with red and gold bias tape.
  1. The paniers were made using Simplicity 4092 though I had to shorten the length of the paniers to fit me. Here is a free tutorial on how to make paniers. Half of the skirt material was cut up the middle. This provided the split in the front to drape over each panier. Each panel was gathered with a drawstring at the bottom, and at the waistline. The other half of the skirt was hemmed, and gathered with a drawstring at the waistline. All the ugly bits of the skirt front was covered by the stomacher.
  1. The inner bodice was made using my own design off the corset, but there is a pattern for it in Patterns of Fashion 1 on page 55. The gown was made using using this excellent draped robe francaise tutorial by Koshka.
  1. The stomacher was of my own design being inspired by the straps and buckles on the Freddie Mercury yellow jacket. The stomacher is pinned to the corset. The gown is pinned to the stomacher behind the trim. The gown is turned up to tie the ribbons. The ties bring in the gown, and shapes it around the waist. White tights and lace-up boots complete the look.

Gown Construction

  1. The sleeves and flounces were made enlarging patterns on page 55 of Patterns of Fashion 1.
  2. The stomacher straps were made of fashion fabric tubes and belting. Trim the edges to make the belt point.
  3. After the belting pieces were complete all pieces were trimmed with gold bias tape.
  4. The gathered trim was sewn by hand to the front of the gown using a half circle as a placement template.
  5. Both the sleeves and trim were edged using 7mm scallop scissors.