How to enlarge a sewing pattern with Powerpoint

Step by step tutorial on how to enlarge or resize any sewing pattern with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  1. Step 1Let's start with this great corset pattern by Bridges on the Body.
  2. Step 2Open PowerPoint.
  3. Step 3Click and drag to highlight the two boxes.
  4. Step 4Press the delete button.
  5. Step 5Select 'Design, Page Setup'.
  6. Step 6Set orientation to portrait or landscape depending on the orientation of the original image. Set the width and height to the actual measure of the paper. This tutorial uses letter-sized paper so the width will be 11, and the height is 8.5. Click OK.
  7. Step 7Click Insert, Picture. Find the downloaded image on your computer. Click Insert.
  8. Step 8Right click on the image. Select 'Size and Position'
  9. Step 9Change the scale height and width to any random percentage over 100%. Don't worry, you will fine-tune the scale later. Close.
  10. Step 10Use the 'Align' button to view the pattern scale on the window.
  11. Step 11Click File, Print. Print.
  12. Step 12MEASURE: Measure the scale on the printout. Notice that the one inch pattern scale is smaller than the ruler.
  13. Step 13FINE-TUNE: Right click on the image. Select 'Size and Position'. Set the scale height and width to a larger or smaller percentage based on your results. Close.
  14. Step 14ALIGN: Use the 'Align' button to view the pattern scale on the window.
  15. Step 15PRINT: Click File, Print. Print.
  16. Step 16Measure the pattern again. Repeat the prior four steps (MEASURE, FINE-TUNE, ALIGN, PRINT) until the pattern prints at the right scale.
  17. Step 17Happy with the pattern scale? Now to print the entire pattern. Click 'Align Left, Align Top'
  18. Step 18Click File, Print. Print. You now have printed the first piece of your pattern.
  19. Step 19Print each page of your pattern using the following combinations. Print the page after each combination. You'll end up with nine pages. Align Left-Align Top (already printed), Align Left-Align Middle, Align Left-Align Bottom, Align Center-Align Top, Align Center-Align Middle, Align Center-Align Bottom, Align Right-Align Top, Align Right-Align Middle, Align Right-Align Bottom
  20. Step 20Tape it all together. You can cut off the white borders on each page before assembly. Now that you've enlarged this pattern, how about you sew it up?