How to curl a synthetic wig

Step by step tutorial on how to curl a synthetic wig using boiling water.
  1. Step 1Brush or comb wig. Curl wig in foam or plastic pink hair curlers.
  2. Step 3Heat about a gallon and a half of water to almost boiling.
  3. Step 2Place wig in bucket and add two cups of hot tap water.
  4. Step 4Place cereal bowl on top of wig and pour boiling water into bucket. The filled bowl will keep the wig underwater.
  5. Step 5Let water cool naturally, take wig out of bucket and place on headform. Let wig dry naturally, which may take up to two days.
  6. Step 6After the wig has dried, take off the curlers to see your new curly wig. You can brush or comb the curls.
  7. Step 6Have fun styling it!