1950 Pink Cinderella is a mashup of Lana Lobell fashions, and Cinderella.

1950 Pink Cinderella

1950 Pink Cinderella is a mashup of Lana Lobell fashions, and Cinderella.
  1. Base pattern Vogue Vintage V1094.
  2. Ten yards of cotton, 14 inch zipper, and matching thread.
  3. Adjusted pattern. Front pattern size: 10. Full bust adjustment: 2" wide. Back pattern size: 12.
  4. Ready to sew in the darts. The lining is silk organza.
  5. Finished bodice. The darts look wonky because there is no bra underneath.
  6. Six 24.75 inch long skirt panels lined with cotton organdy. I am 4 feet 11 inches tall.

Gather the skirt

  1. Holy crow, that is a lot of skirt.
  2. Gather using monofilament line, a zig-zag stitch (7 on the SE400), a pin, and a braiding foot to sew the filament to the fabric. Gather each panel separately.
  3. After all sections are sewn: Place a pin on one end. Wrap line in figure 8 around pin to secure. Pull up gathers from other end. Place another pin on other side and wrap to secure until ready to attach to skirt.
  4. Sew bodice to the skirt. Pull out monofilament line.

Sew in an invisible zipper

  1. Stick wondertape on right sides of invisible zipper.
  2. Press seam allowance of zipper opening.
  3. Stick zipper to inside seam allowance. Line up zipper teeth with the fold.
  4. Sew the zipper to the seam allowance. Sew in the fold just under the zipper teeth.

Make a curved waistband

  1. Fold a yard of 45 wide fabric into an 22.5 by 36 rectangle. I recommend a cutting board with bias marks, and a 4 inch wide ruler. Line up the top line with the ruler, and the bias line with the edge of the ruler.
  2. Cut. Iron on interfacing to both strips (not shown). Cut 4 (one set for front, one set for back).
  3. Cut the folded end open.
  4. Sew or serge both sides closed, wrong sides together.
  5. Open tube to place seam in center. Measure 1 inch from bottom of seam. Lightly press out 1 inch all along one edge.
  6. Flip band over. Fold the two inch up to create the second pleat. Press.
  7. To curve: pull to curve from one side while pressing the entire band with steam. The top will naturally curve in a bit as you press.
  8. Waistband belting, WITH interfacing. Not shown: Put on dress. Pin waistband seam along dress waist seam. Cut at side seam with 1/2 inch seam allowance. Unpin. Sew waistband side seams together on non-zipper side.
  9. Handstitched on underside along seam to waistline of skirt.
  10. Sewing the waistband while on the form helps keep the shape.


  1. Bind necklines and armholes.
  2. Serged skirt edge. Turned to right side. Stitch down.
  3. Finished hem.
  4. Simplicity 2478 for bolero jacket.
  5. Removed piece 3. Cut down pieces 5 and 4 to 2" wide.
  6. Took off 1" from center back to fit. Took in another half inch at cb bottom. Used 2" bias strips for edging instead of pattern pieces.
  7. Download free pattern and instructions for 50s bow hat.
  8. Accessories: White bow hat, pink purse, pink heels, white wrist-length gloves, and a turquoise necklace. Underwear consisted of a 50s style long line bra, a waist cincher, and two petticoats.