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Welcome to my sewing room

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Artemisia Moltabocca

  • Artemisia Moltabocca likes to get it on. Her Rococo Freddie Mercury costume is the accountant-cum-cosplayer's current favorite design. The 50 year-old designs, sews, and wears costumes for fun and amateur masquerade competitions around the country. A spirited dynamo, Artemisia has been careening around the cosplay community for over ten years though she feels, in hindsight, it should have happened sooner. 'Costuming was supposed to be in my life the entire time; now I'm just playing catch up.' Learn more about Artemisia Moltabocca on eBay Sellers Unplugged.

Pattern Adjustments

  • Height: 4' 11"
  • Bust: 40.5" @ 34D (size 18)
  • Waist: 34" (size 20)
  • Hips: 40.5" (size 16)
  • Short legs: 36" from floor to waistline
  • 27" inseam
  • Small shoulders (size 6)
  • Small underbust (size 12)
  • Short from shoulders to bust
  • Wide back (size 20 back, size 16 front)
  • Bust and hip measures always match
  • Shorten skirts and pants by 4"
  • Shorten bodice 1.5" between shoulders and bust, OR
  • shorten shoulder straps 1.5" for simple necklines, OR
  • use size 6 shoulder height
  • If shortening shoulder straps, need to lower bust apex

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