Free Fez Pattern

Free Fez Pattern 

Make a fez for Doctor Who cosplay using this free pattern from Fez Frenzy! at Multiculturalism for Steampunk.

I downloaded the pattern image on the tutorial’s website to my computer and enlarged it using PowerPoint. I added a few more inches to make the fez taller, and to add a seam allowance. I tried on the pattern to make sure it fit.

Here’s a picture of me being silly. Hey, it’s in the instructions. :)

I wanted a lined fez so I used double-sided Peltex on both pattern pieces. The base was hemmed using Seams Great. I used a coffee can to retrace the circular top piece. The top was machine sewn together first, turned inside-out, then stuffed with the Peltex before ironing it. The top was hand-sewn to the base.


That was a fun project. Thanks Multiculturalism for Steampunk!

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